The Canberra Declaration

Promo Warwick Marsh

Click the photo to play the new Canberra Declaration 2 min promo.


You can read past copies of the Canberra Declaration Good News Updates since May 2013 (when we started getting these fortnightly newsletters out).  David generally writes the draft and then Marilyn edits. We then send it to Warwick Marsh for his input. The last step is all the computer work associated with dispatching the email to the 32,000 recipients.  In all we estimate it takes 10-15 hours to do all this. Read Marilyn’s blog on it all here.

To receive updates READ and SIGN the Canberra Declaration.

Information and Resources Available.

  1. Promotional Pack
  2. Radio Spots to Share
  3. Canberra Declaration in Different Languages
  4. Prayer Resources
  5. Image of God Leaflets
  6. Thank you for Signing the Canberra Declaration
  7. The Golden Sceptre Letter-writing Service
  8. Past Good News Updates
  9. Double Our Numbers Campaign – 7 Strategies
  10. David’s New Book Launched


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