Launch of David’s New Book

KOKOKA picture23 July 2013 marks the 71st anniversary of the first engagement of the Australian troops with the advancing Japanese troops on the Kokoda Track. This was the date we decided to launch David’s book which he has been writing these past months. Amazingly this is also the date of the launch of the Canberra Declaration on the lawns of Parliament House in 2010.

‘Up the Track with JESUS – Reflections on KOKODA for Men’  is an invitation to look at the qualities of COURAGE, MATESHIP, ENDURANCE and SACRIFICE – first in the lives of the Australian soldiers who fought along the Kokoda Track, and then in the life of JESUS. 

These 17 devotional reflections, based on stories from the 17 chapters of Peter FitzSimons’ best-selling book KOKODA. They are written to challenge men to embark on the ultimate adventure – following JESUS up the Track that leads to heaven.

You can download a copy by clicking this link Up the Track with JESUS – Reflections on KOKODA for Men 

If you would like a hard copy of the book write to us using the contact details at the right.

If you would like to make a donation towards the cost of printing the book you can do this with your credit card through our PayPal account or contact us for our account details.


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