Baby Solomon David Arrives

Solomon DavidIt is our pleasure  to announce the birth of Solomon David Thiel-Paul, the second child to Anna and Michael and sister to Abrielle.

He arrived around 2 am on 9th August, 2013 and weighed 4.6 kg.
He is 54 cm long.  He was delivered as a natural water birth in a Birthing Suite at Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital.

We visited him that night 17 hours later in his home with his proud family.

David and Solomon

Marilyn and Solomon

You will notice his grandparents are happy to see their third grandchild and even more delighted that they would name him Solomon (after King Solomon of the Bible) David (in honour of his grandpa David Rowsome).

They chose to do that because the family name Rowsome will not be handed down to our grandchildren but the name David is now!

About David & Marilyn Rowsome

We are missionaries to Australia through the Canberra Declaration under the umbrella of Australian Heart Ministries.
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