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Our Upcoming Holiday!

We are preparing for four weeks of annual leave starting Thursday 24th October.  Hurray! It has been an exceptionally busy and exciting year in this new ministry and now we are looking forward to a good rest.

holiday 073We will go to our favourite beach house of friends at Currumundi Lake on the Sunshine Coast for two weeks. The first weekend the girls and their growing families, and my sister, will join us for a family time. We look forward to extended times with the Lord, long beach walks, swimming in the surf, reading and relaxing. David loves to do creative writing and I love working on photos and doing a jigsaw.

Following that we will go on a week long P&O Cruise to New Caledonia and Port Vila in Vanuatu for our 30th Wedding Anniversary. This will be our first cruise and we are excited!  When David first saw Port Vila in 1996 on a stopover to Fiji for ministry, he knew he wanted to take me there one day. Later I did go twice for ministry alone and loved it. Now we are looking forward to spending a day there together. We have never been to New Caledonia, a French speaking country, but are very interested in its mission history. The first missionaries to PNG were picked up at the Loyality Islands to join Polynesians from the Cook Islands as they travelled on to the Papuan Coast where they were left two by two to evangelize the people. It certainly will be good to be back in Melanesia after 9 years!

When we return we will have a few days to do some things at home before David’s 60th birthday on the 20th November. Then we will have a breakfast ‘bush tucker’ brunch on the 23rd at the Daisy Hill Koala Bushlands.


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