David turns 60!

What a wonderful 60th Birthday celebration it was for David. It began with sunrise on our verandah at 4.53 am then a half hour’s drive to NW Brisbane and half an hour narrow windy climb up 600 metres to one of our favourite spots, Mt Glorious, in the the dense preserved bushlands of Brisbane Forest Park in the D’Aguilar Ranges.

170x170_q75-19_t_001rufous fantailAfter lighting a fire and cooking breakfast of bacon, eggs, tomato and beans, we went for a bush walk to Greene Falls. We saw the most birds we had for a long time including two regent bower birds and several rufous fantails.

At home, David had a special treat of a peanut butter sandwich – something he hasn’t eaten since we started dieting this year! The girls surprised him by popping in and staying for a barbecue tea. It was great to share stories and presents from our cruise with them too.

The celebration for 40 family and friends was a ‘Bush Tucker’ BBQ Brunch at Daisy Hill Conservation Park on Saturday 23rd November.  This is a 445 ha open eucalypt forest 16 km south of us. Wallabies are in abundance at dawn and dusk and there is a Koala Centre. Anna, Naomi and Esther did a great job of organizing decorations and food and Anna served David blue vein cheese omelet on sourdough bread with yoghurt. Michael, Rob and Matt spoke publicly of how David was such a great role model for them. Others also spoke words of encouragement also. Many gave to an account opened by the girls for publishing his devotional reflections for men on KOKODA.

David with his daughters and grandchildren on his 60th


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