Two special days in December

Every December, we have two special days to affirm our love and commitment to each other as we celebrate the anniversary of our wedding at CLTC in PNG on 3rd Dec 1983 and the anniversary of meeting a year earlier in Madang in PNG on the 12th Dec 1982.

Because David had suggested going on the cruise for our 30th wedding anniversary, I said I’d organize a surprise outing for the actual day of our wedding. We set off early in the morning and travelled through new territory in the Laidley Valley, an hour from Brisbane. It was a beautiful day as you can see from the photos.

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IMG_0373Then we drove to Grandchester with a seeming detour into Spicers Hidden Vale. As we drove in, David was surprised to see our bridesmaid and her husband, Heather and Royce Perkins, walking up the driveway! They took us to lunch on the verandah of the restaurant with its magnificent views across to the mountains.

Then there was a surprise for me when Heather gave me a gift for our pearl anniversary. It was her mother’s string of beautiful pearls! Only then did I tell her how two days after our holiday, we had a theft at home and lost all my jewelry and our passports. The most precious piece of jewelry I had was a single pearl drop necklace David gave me! I was speechless.

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We didn’t take too many photos on our meeting anniversary.  David had decorated the table where we have breakfast on the verandah each morning, to remind us of that day. We had met in church, had lunch of tinned baked beans and spaghetti together (which we have every year in memory of that), walked to a showing of “Chariots of Fire” at the World Vision House and walked back to Smuggler’s Cove for a snorkel (sharing one mask and snorkel). A full first day and a full life together!

This day we went to the new local Japanese restaurant for lunch and our favourite coffee shop next door for coffee. The owner gave us a single stem pink rose not knowing it was a special day for us! David said the food and its presentation reminded him of being in South Korea and he really liked the food there.

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