Booklet to Honour 100 Years of ANZAC

KOKOKA pictureIn remembrance of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli 100 years ago, we want to offer a booklet written by David called  ‘Up the Track with JESUS – Reflections on KOKODA for Men.’

It was on the Kokoda Track in 1942 that the ANZAC spirit, begun at Gallipoli in 1915, was so clearly demonstrated.

‘Up the Track with Jesus’ is an invitation to look at the qualities of COURAGE, MATESHIP, ENDURANCE and SACRIFICE – first in the lives of the Australian soldiers who fought along the Kokoda Track, and then in the life of JESUS. 

The booklet is dedicated to Geoffrey Baskett MBE in Port Macquarie who turns 100 later this year.  He served as a missionary in Papua New Guinea for 56 years.  This included serving as an army captain in Milne Bay during World War II.

These 17 devotional reflections are based on stories from the 17 chapters of Peter FitzSimons’ best-selling book KOKODA. They are written to challenge men to embark on the ultimate adventure – following JESUS up the Track that leads to heaven.

You are welcome to a PDF file or a printed copy of this 51-page A5 booklet.
A donation to the ministry of David and Marilyn Rowsome
who serve as missionaries with Canberra Declaration
and the National Day of Prayer & Fasting
would be very much appreciated.


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About David & Marilyn Rowsome

We are missionaries to Australia through the Canberra Declaration under the umbrella of Australian Heart Ministries.
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  1. Yes we may have to do the Track!


  2. Joy Bella Lama Samar says:




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