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Missions Sunday at FCF

Roy FunuAnother happy occasion was Missions Sunday at our church. Pastor Roy & Janet Funu from the Solomon Islands were our guest speakers. I taught them at CLTC in the early 80s. They have been missionaries to Australia for 26 years. Recently they began a new ministry called NewLife Melanesia.

The theme of our day was Prayer, Revival, Missions. Roy had brought a team down with him from Buderim House of Prayer, which included Israel and Graham from TEE courses in the Solomons in 2005-06. They all stayed with us for the weekend and there was lots of singing, praying, storytelling and laughter in our house that weekend 🙂

At a Melanesian-style morning tea after the service, we prayed for our church’s 16 missionaries who serve around the world and in Australia (including ourselves)! Our church has a rich missions heritage and at present gives 40% of its budget to missions. Here are some more photos.

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