Personal Writings

Geoff Baskett turns 100 in 2015

This is exciting news, especially for those with PNG connections.  Geoff Baskett celebrates his 100th birthday this year on 6 November 2015 🙂

Geoff served in many roles in PNG for 56 years. He is author of the much loved hymn Islands and Mountains which is also the name of his biography

Geoff Baskett in 2008 We last visited him in Port Macquarie in 2008.  He moved to a retirement village in 2009. Recently we wrote a post A Booklet to Honour 100 Years of Anzac. It was fitting that David dedicated this latest edition of his booklet Up the Track with JESUS – Reflections on Kokoda to him. You can send your well wishes to him for his birthday to this address.

Mr Geoffrey Baskett
Bethany ACF
2-6 Gray Street
Port Macquarie, NSW 2444


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