Billion Souls 2013

This exciting 40 days of this global prayer initiative, originating in Australia from the National Day of Prayer and Fasting Team, went from 6 August-14 September, 2013.

The daily devotions written by different leaders around the world are still available. David chose an image and Scripture for each and Marilyn added a blogger’s comment.  You can see these here.

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The website is still operating and there you can read more about what God has done as Christians around the world united in prayer, fasting and repentance for these 4 prayer points.  

1. Pray for a worldwide outpouring of the Holy Spirit for revival and transformation of the nations of the world. 

2. Pray for a billion people to find Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. 

3. Pray for an end to abortion and for God to turn back the tide of death and immorality that is sweeping the nations of the world. 

4. Pray for a multiplication of prayer, praise and worship to God across the world as never before, to bring great glory to God.

2 Responses to Billion Souls 2013

  1. Elizabeth Edwards says:

    Thank you for ‘Standing up for Australia’. This country and its people are in a mess and diseased. Satan is moving rapidly in the Western Nations; we are growing weaker daily. Without God, we are lost. Australian people, as like American and the British, were blessed by God with rich lands. However, now that we have turned our back on Him, He will turn His back on us. I love my country but we have let the stranger in and the stranger is taking over.

    I am also concerned that the role of ‘man’ and ‘woman’ are switching. Men are weaker and women are now dominating. Political correctness has meant that good people now keep their mouths shut. We must have leaders in this country who know God and how this country was blessed. That is why the Constitution is so important. However, the enemy within, actually our own people, want us to forget our Anglo-Saxon heritage. Without a history, we have no identity and we become a ‘lost people’.

    I will continue to pray for Australia that for our people will turn to our Heavenly Father.

    God’s Blessings to you both.


    • dmrowsome says:

      Thank you for your encouragements and comments Elizabeth. You have assessed the situation well with regards to our Judeo-Christian foundations being undermined.

      I want to add though that God may well be bringing immigrants to live among us so that we can reach them with the Good News. But I believe that they need to be assimilated into our society and come under our laws rather than demanding to live under their own laws.

      Yes, continue to pray for Australia as this is the greatest resource God has given us.



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