Canberra Declaration in Different Languages




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3 Responses to Canberra Declaration in Different Languages

  1. lynnecg says:

    I’m wondering if you could get the declaration recorded in Auslan (Australian Sign Language)? I’m sure there are many Deaf and HoH Christians (like myself) who would be very interested to be kept up to date with the Declaration and would be willing to sign if they were able to understand. The problem is that most Deaf adults do not have the English literacy skills to be able to understand the printed materials you send out. Having the information signed in their ‘heart language’ would be wonderful. Any of the Deaf Societies in the various states would be able to advise of interpreters who may be willing to help interpret the material for you. If you have difficulty please feel free to contact me again and I will see if I can find a contact person for you.
    Lynne Graham


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