Double Our Numbers Campaign

On the 23rd July 2014 the Double Our Numbers Campaign was launch. It was our desire to double our numbers from 50,000 to 100,000 by 23rd July 2015, the 5th Anniversary of the Canberra Declaration.

Stand of strong eucalyptsWe started with a Double Our Numbers Survey. 1339 signees responded and prizes were awarded to the best suggestions. Many also volunteered to help us with the numerous jobs that needed to be done to achieve this goal. See God is Growing Our Community.

After much preparatory work, the last phase of the Campaign was launched on 23rd April. There would be 7 Strategies, one released each fortnight.

Campaign Strategy 1Forwarding Letter – 23 April 2015

Campaign Strategy 2Sharing on Social Media or Phoning –  7 May 2015

Campaign Strategy 3An Invitation for Your Church Leader – 21 May 2015

Campaign Strategy 4Advocates Sharing – 4 June 2015

Campaign Strategy 5Sharing with Ethnic Aussies – 19 June 2015

Campaign Strategy 6Sharing through the Media – 2 July 2015

Campaign Strategy 7Pass on the Vision including Announcing a New Scholarship – 16 July, 2015 (Dr Graham McLennan’s 70th Birthday)

Campaign UpdateGod has given us a BOUNTIFUL year! – 31 July 2015

2 Responses to Double Our Numbers Campaign

  1. not enough; let’s go for 200,000



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