Promotional Pack

We need every signee of the Canberra Declaration to get more signatures in order to reach our goal of 100,000 signees. Numbers are important to our law-makers! More signatures means more weight when making submissions on issues of freedom, marriage, family and life.

Read Anne’s Story of how she set about getting extra signatures.

Resources to help you

CD tableHere are some ways you can promote the Canberra Declaration to your family, friends, church members and networks.

  1. You can play the 3-min promotional video on your laptop or smart phone.
  2. You can use these 30-sec and 60-sec radio spots to play to your friends.
  3. You might like to set up a table like this at your church or a meeting where you have permission to do that.

You can download and print these 4 things to share to help you.

1. Canberra Declaration – the 856-word statement on A4 sheet

2. Petition – Signing Sheet for 8 people to sign (A4)
These can be printed back-to-back if you wish – download here

3. Poster – A4 – download here


This is a simple poster designed to attract attention. So it doesn’t have many words or much information. It can be placed in a stand-up presentation holder or put on a wall.

For more information to give to a person you can use the brochure below.





4. Brochure – A4 trifold to be printed double sided – download here

When you have collected the signatures, we ask that you type them into the sign-up tool here (or go to and click the ‘Sign the Declaration’ blue button). Or if you have a laptop computer, you can have this set up at the Canberra Declaration home page and ask others to sign online themselves.

If you have any questions email David Rowsome
or phone 07 3422 0969 or leave a message in the comments below.


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