The Golden Sceptre Letter-writing Service

Golden Sceptre

sceptreHave you wanted to write to your politicians about the many issues of concern to Christians but don’t know where to start or don’t have the time?
The Golden Sceptre provides a service to help you for a small annual cost.

Mansel and Belinda RogersonMansel Rogerson, who founded The Golden Sceptre in 2011 says,

“Part of the reason politicians don’t always reflect our concerns is that they receive only a handful of letters about such matters, and conclude that there are not many votes in it for them! But now there’s a way to take the effort out of researching the issues, writing letters and keeping track of all your current Members of Parliament.

It’s a service called The Golden Sceptre designed specifically for Christians. Subscribers receive two emails a month on the most important issues of Christian concern in their area and specifically addressed to their elected representatives at the State or Federal level.

The emails can be reviewed and edited before sending and are sent to all your MPs with just one click; taking only a minute out of your month! With this service, you will save hours in research and writing but still ensure that your views are made known to your elected representatives.

Furthermore, the emails you receive are not all the same. Several different versions are written and distributed amongst subscribers in order to maximise the variety coming from each electorate.

But the best part is that all new subscribers receive a free, no-obligation two-month trial to test the service out. And if you do decide to continue your subscription after that it only costs $5 per month, and part of your first year’s subscription comes back to fund The Canberra Declaration!”

And so we encourage you to sign-up for a free trial today and experience the importance, convenience and quality of this service for yourself by subscribing at:


Some testimonials from subscribers:

“I would like to recommend The Golden Sceptre to each and everyone reading this. I have been receiving emails to forward to politicians or persons of note for about twelve months now and have been extremely impressed by the quality of the letters and the reliability of the service. The emails have needed no editing and I have received a reply in most instances. On one occasion I received a phone call from the secretary of one of the local politicians ensuring me of their concerns regarding the contents of my email. Letters from constituents do make a difference.” Anne O’Dwyer

“We have found our subscription to The Golden Sceptre to be a wonderful blessing. The range of issues covered and the attention to detail are admirable. We feel deeply about all these issues and the impact they are having on our society but do not have the time to research and lobby as we would like to. To date, every letter and every issue has been impeccably handled and we cannot recommend this service too highly.”  Nick and Nat, Victoria

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