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David and Marilyn Rowsome
PO Box 5125
Mt Gravatt East
QLD  4122

phone 07 3422 0969
Marilyn email:

David email


2 Responses to Contact

  1. Jennifer Takita says:

    Why wasn’t Alan Joyce, an “employee” of Qantas, and employees of other companies e.g. IBM, vilified for politicising the companies they work for? Just rhetorical and venting my anger for the attack on Margaret Court and us.


  2. Chris and Sheila Campbell Thomson says:

    Dear friends
    I beg your forgiveness for my shamefully inarticulate response to the issue of same sex marital bonding. Absurdity has won the day insofar as I have not been able to isolate one single note of credibility in the cacophony of senseless complaint that unlike gender marriages rule in love and logic!!
    I have need to adopt a perspective in the English language. There is absolutely no sanctified persuasiveness in what is being tendered as rational in Ireland ..and now here in Australia ….even less in my country of adoption. First of all the case for my total opposition should be stated on the back of the fundamental observation that terminology has turned the situation from a non-manipulative Same-Gender issue to a tacky, pornographic, senseless , dreamland Same-Sex issue. The latter has no obvious merit and even less to commend its deeper unspoken truths including sanctification of ugly practices for which our two countries are already singled out as outrageous.

    Chris & Sheila Campbell-Thomson



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