Geoff Baskett turns 100 in 2015

This is exciting news, especially for those with PNG connections.  Geoff Baskett celebrates his 100th birthday this year on 6 November 2015 🙂

Geoff served in many roles in PNG for 56 years. He is author of the much loved hymn Islands and Mountains which is also the name of his biography

Geoff Baskett in 2008 We last visited him in Port Macquarie in 2008.  He moved to a retirement village in 2009. Recently we wrote a post A Booklet to Honour 100 Years of Anzac. It was fitting that David dedicated this latest edition of his booklet Up the Track with JESUS – Reflections on Kokoda to him. You can send your well wishes to him for his birthday to this address.

Mr Geoffrey Baskett
Bethany ACF
2-6 Gray Street
Port Macquarie, NSW 2444

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CLTC 50th Anniversary Celebrations

2015 marks 50 years since the beginning of Christian Leaders Training College in the highlands of PNG. It is a year of celebrations in PNG and around the South Pacific.

CLTC Stamp issueThe College has been honoured by this stamp issue. You can order these in PNG here or in Australia by emailing Max Stern Co.

You can read the College News 5oth Anniversary Edition.

If you are in Brisbane there is a special QLD Celebration on 4th July.
Here is your invitation CLTC Qld Invitation to 50th Anniversary Celebration.

We were invited by the Lae Centre to their 50th Anniversary as those who pioneered the Centre back in 1984. It was to be in July but now it is delayed to August so we will not be able to attend as we will be in Canada 😦

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Missions Sunday at FCF

Roy FunuAnother happy occasion was Missions Sunday at our church. Pastor Roy & Janet Funu from the Solomon Islands were our guest speakers. I taught them at CLTC in the early 80s. They have been missionaries to Australia for 26 years. Recently they began a new ministry called NewLife Melanesia.

The theme of our day was Prayer, Revival, Missions. Roy had brought a team down with him from Buderim House of Prayer, which included Israel and Graham from TEE courses in the Solomons in 2005-06. They all stayed with us for the weekend and there was lots of singing, praying, storytelling and laughter in our house that weekend 🙂

At a Melanesian-style morning tea after the service, we prayed for our church’s 16 missionaries who serve around the world and in Australia (including ourselves)! Our church has a rich missions heritage and at present gives 40% of its budget to missions. Here are some more photos.

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Booklet to Honour 100 Years of ANZAC

KOKOKA pictureIn remembrance of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli 100 years ago, we want to offer a booklet written by David called  ‘Up the Track with JESUS – Reflections on KOKODA for Men.’

It was on the Kokoda Track in 1942 that the ANZAC spirit, begun at Gallipoli in 1915, was so clearly demonstrated.

‘Up the Track with Jesus’ is an invitation to look at the qualities of COURAGE, MATESHIP, ENDURANCE and SACRIFICE – first in the lives of the Australian soldiers who fought along the Kokoda Track, and then in the life of JESUS. 

The booklet is dedicated to Geoffrey Baskett MBE in Port Macquarie who turns 100 later this year.  He served as a missionary in Papua New Guinea for 56 years.  This included serving as an army captain in Milne Bay during World War II.

These 17 devotional reflections are based on stories from the 17 chapters of Peter FitzSimons’ best-selling book KOKODA. They are written to challenge men to embark on the ultimate adventure – following JESUS up the Track that leads to heaven.

You are welcome to a PDF file or a printed copy of this 51-page A5 booklet.
A donation to the ministry of David and Marilyn Rowsome
who serve as missionaries with Canberra Declaration
and the National Day of Prayer & Fasting
would be very much appreciated.


btn_donateCC_LG Click this link to view our latest newsletter.

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A Word for Brisbane, Canberra and Canada – how exciting!

We were sent this word by Johnny Enlow of California that was given in March 2015. We are very excited about this as we will be in all these three places this year!

Last night in a vision sequence I was taken around the world on the back of a rainbow feathered eagle. It was pretty exciting. As I was flying around I was able to see the winds that I had prophesied about to begin the year. These were the winds of worship, the winds of wisdom, the winds of wealth, and the winds of wonder. I was able to actually see the winds as they were all over the globe going in all kinds of directions. These winds came in the various colors of the rainbow and it was why I could see them. So much help has been released on our behalf in every area of life.

As I was taken around the globe I suddenly had my attention drawn to Australia and it seemed liked the whole nation was ablaze with a colorful fire of God. My attention was drawn to or near the city of Brisbane and this was a massive fire with an open heaven above it. I also saw a smaller but very defined portal over Canberra. I was then suddenly over a city named Pemba in the southern part of Africa and then after looking it up realized that was in Mozambique. There was a great open heaven over Pemba with strong activity of these colorful winds. I knew something significant was going on- or going to be going on there. Suddenly, the next city was Brunswick, Georgia and there was an open heaven over that city and it was significant. I then saw colorful fires all across Canada and could see God was at work in many places with the new release that He is doing this year. All across the planet there were many sparks and winds and clearly much angelic activity. We are in a new time and it is a world changing time. March continues to be a month of unusual amount and kinds of rainbows- visible to the natural eye- as well as many rainbow colored winds and rainbow fires visible to spirit eyes. Ask God to keep helping you see our side and our activity. It’s the next great show on planet earth.

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PNG visitors

PNGWM (Papua New Guinea World Missions) had a team of 34 come through Brisbane for two nights on their way to Perth, Western Australia. The team included the Director, our close friend Tema Manko, and 6 missionaries who will spend two months working with a church in Perth as part of their training for further cross-cultural work. The rest were ladies; many were illiterate but prayer warriors and on fire for the Lord. The oldest was 70; the youngest just out of school. They will stay in Perth ministering for 10 days. Tema believes that the intercessors are key to the success of the mission. And she is right!

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UPDATE on Perth Outreach PNG WM Perth 2

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A beautiful wedding

On 21st June 2014, Bek Palmer and Brad Harriman were united in marriage after a fairy tale-like courtship. What a wonderful occasion it was for everyone. Our church family have been praying with Bek for the right man for some time now. She grew up in the church and recently became our part-time pastor of Creative Ministries and Young Adults. Brad started coming to our church in February 2013 when he moved from the Gold Coast into the Boys’ House whilst doing a post-graduate teaching degree.

It was just one year before their wedding day that they went out on their very first date. They had just four months to get ready from the time they were engaged.  But their first kiss was that one when the pastor says “You can now kiss the bride”!  Beautiful! They seem so perfect for each other. See the story in these photos.

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